What we do is create freshly prepared food: modern variations on classic flavors using traditional French methods. Most of our meats and cheeses are from independent Kentucky and Indiana farmers and our produce — like our menu — is appropriate to each season.

    Another inspiration is beer. Without it, Eiderdown may not have been conceived or actualized. With our 21 draft beers, we aspire to cover a broad range of stylistic bases, offer several esoteric choices in imported and craft beers and also be able to place a bottle of Stroh's in the hand of someone who wants to pour a Stroh's into his or her mouth. We follow a similar ethos in choosing our wine and cocktail list.

    We are proudly located in the Germantown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. "Eiderdown" may sound Germanic, but it is not. 

    Ultimately, food is what Eiderdown is about. We hope the liberties we take with it evoke a sense of freedom in each of our guests and that your visits with us are confounding, cohesive and commendable. With that in mind, feel free to categorize us any way you like; European-inspired Comfort food is what we had in mind...




    snacks/starters/small plates

    duck fat popcorn   5
    with herbed salt

    beer cheese   6
    with blue dog baguette
    (substitute fries or pretzel sticks  +2)

    3 pretzel sticks   6
    please choose 2 mustards:
    2hearted honey • Ale-8 • hefe • ipa • porter • sweet hot


    crepes jean girard   8
    capriole goat cheese, walnut, thyme
    butter, porter & black currant honey


    nuts & berries   9
    capriole tomme, spiced cashews,
    bourbon sorghum blueberries, crackers


    lazy makin’ circles   8
    fried pickled okra, broadbent bacon bits,
    kenny’s white cheddar, thousand island


    tartare   9
    marksbury lamb, quail egg, bbq chips,
    cherry balsamic, lemon oil


    pearly early   8
    milk-braised corn on the cob,
    shrimp scampi, green pepper coulis


    henry althaus   8
    grateful greens, bacon lardons,
    poached egg, kenny’s asiago,
    flemish red vinaigrette


    terra piccola   9
    tomato, sapori mozzarella,
    grilled red onion, pesto malt vinaigrette


    the soup   mkt
    changes often



    sunday sitdown   20
    barr farms roasted chicken, collard
    greens with sausage, grits, roasting jus


    mayor of milk street   25
    local grass-fed beef strip loin (6oz),
    daily garnish


    spaetzle   18
    pan-fried basil noodles, ratatouille,
    goat cheese, toasted almonds
    (add stone cross italian sausage  +2)


    navin’s crazy rhythm   19
    jerked marksbury pork ribs,
    potato pancakes, cabbage slaw,
    herbed creme fraiche, Demi glace


    bouillabaisse   17
    mussels, clams, cherry tomato
    roasted garlic, leeks, potato,
    grilled bread


    dp's always hit you   18
    roasted baby beets, sauteed snap peas,
    horseradish latke, candied pecan,
    orange, carrot cream


    abratna brew   12
    marksbury bratwurst, sauerkraut,
    carmelized onions, dijon, Pretzel bun,
    sea salted & truffled chips,
    can of stroh’s


    nachburger   13
    1/2 pound local grass-fed beef
    ground with bacon, kenny’s colby,
    breadworks brioche bun
    (add lettuce, tomato, onion  +1)


    gnadinger pork   10 

    stone cross  pork shoulder braised in aventinus,

    black currant, pistachio, pretzel bun



    toastie   10

    turkey galantine,
    kenny’s norwood, peach jam,
    blue dog levain


    corn pudding pie   9
    custard of corn, onion, masa and basil,
    puff pastry


     choose one side/or 3.50 a la carte
    braised greens • watermelon parmesan
    fries • warm potato salad

    chef: Brian Morgan

    Sous: Alex Weber


    See our up to date draft list by clicking here.



    Eldest Dawn   8
    Saint Germain, VS Sparkling Secco, Muddled Blackberries, Basil

    Nada Shot   8
    Old Forester Neat with a Lavender-Earl Grey Shrub Soda Back

    Washington Street Julep   8
    Copper & Kings Aged Brandy, Fresh Raspberry, Mint

    Ice Pick   8         
    Rain Vodka, Fruit Infused Iced Tea, Limoncello, Soda 

    Hurricane   8
    Traditional New Orleans Style: Bacardi Silver, Rhum Barbancourt, 
    Passion Fruit Juice, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Grenadine

    Kentucky Gin Fizz   8
    New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin, Orange Bitters, Lime Juice, 
    Simple Syrup, Egg White, Orange Flower Water

    Cold Day In Heck    9
    Agavales Tequila Blanco, Habanero Syrup, Lime Juice, 
    Orange Juice, Rhubarb Bitters

    Bourbon & Ginger   9
    Four Roses Small Batch, Cynar, Ginger Bitters, Candied Ginger