What we do is create freshly prepared food: modern variations on classic flavors using traditional French methods. Most of our meats and cheeses are from independent Kentucky and Indiana farmers and our produce — like our menu — is appropriate to each season.

    Another inspiration is beer. Without it, Eiderdown may not have been conceived or actualized. With our 21 draft beers, we aspire to cover a broad range of stylistic bases, offer several esoteric choices in imported and craft beers and also be able to place a bottle of Stroh's in the hand of someone who wants to pour a Stroh's into his or her mouth. We follow a similar ethos in choosing our wine and cocktail list.

    We are proudly located in the Germantown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. "Eiderdown" may sound Germanic, but it is not. 

    Ultimately, food is what Eiderdown is about. We hope the liberties we take with it evoke a sense of freedom in each of our guests and that your visits with us are confounding, cohesive and commendable. With that in mind, feel free to categorize us any way you like; European-inspired Comfort food is what we had in mind...